Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Track Session, 400's and Yoga

Day 2 of 400's. My client challenged me to do these every 2 minutes. I came close, averaging with rest about 2:05/400. This was a big nut but not an impossible one. I have only a few running days under my belt but I have good strength and conditioning combine with know how and this helps.

400 meters repeats
4 x 400 every 2:05
took an average of 1:54 to complete these. I had enough rest to save the lap and hit repeat and go. I am using the Map My Run app to help, free version.

I rested for 1:30 and did another

4x400 just as above.

My 7th lap was the slowest but I made up for it with a strong finish. I knew this was going to be the case coming into 7 but I did only lost 5 seconds and made up for it finishing 7 secs faster for a 2 sec differential in my favor, I will take it. Felt like I was going to puke coming down the back straight away but I survived :-)

My average would 7:45/mile. Not fast for me but considering I am pleased. I have found the joy again in running and it is making a huge difference. I do not mind the pain because the rewards are so sweet. Today I was sore in my glutes and hammies from yesterdays pistols but they did not deter me in any way.

Further, I would be stoked to run an 8 minute mile after 4 running days.

Follow up with Yoga and a good stretch :-)

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