Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Snatch, box squat and box pistol

Week 3 of snatch and 2 of box squat. Making slow progress but steady which is my aim since there are many details to practice and perfect. As Rif said yesterday each of these details is a rep in and off itself so slow, smart and steady progress

Hang snatch

Have to work the position with this weight. The hand position is unquie Nd requires a different strength. Thus the pull is a bit more challenging and I can feel my rhythm off a bit a couple of the reps. The weight itself is not an issue but technically I should be better. Dropping back next week to 115 for rep practice and hone the technique.

Box squat

Rest no more than 30 sec. Worked on pulling faster into the whole/box & keeping the back tighter per Rifs coaching. Felt better and again just a familiarity issue. Weight is no problem and who gives a darn. Strengthen the position is key and be technically strong.

Box pistol
Double 12kgs/2x 5

20 seconds rest complete right then left.

Have to work on negative stability. Weight helps so I am going to up it back to 16s next week. Great drive off the box today, strong and explosive.

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