Saturday, June 15, 2013

Swings and Eliminating the Ego

This was a tough week for me, personally. I was fighting my ego all week longand it was not just related to training but to life. And for me life and training are intertwined, a reflection of each other, a microcosm. 

First off, my goal with training is to find my version of balance. This includes strength, flexibility, mobility, conditioning, lean factor and overall long term health and well being. Therefore I need to have in place activities that support this. I know what they are even if I fight them. 

In order
1. Yoga and Meditation
2. Bodyweight basics
3. Kettlebell 
4. Hike, Run or Mountain bike....being outdoors

As for number 4, they can float all around but I need some consistency in this area. Number 1 encompasses number 2 and number 2 builds off of number 1...but yoga and meditation are clear number 1. And number 3 is just a great compliment to all the above. 

So today I got back on track with a strong kettlebell training session. Plus, I had a great group of men to train with and this helped.

Swing, 1 arm
48/5/5 x 3
32/5/5 x 1  purpose was overspeed work controlling the forces

Worked on keeping the shoulder packed and reducing the forces on the body with l.i.c.s approach.

2 hand swing
40/10 x 5

Put an emphasis on breathing, in through the nose on the down swing, out through the mouth on the up swing.

Clubbells Arm Cast

3 x 8

Working on creating tension from the beginning, corkscrewing the arm and locking the lats in for full engagement. 

Hollow Body Rock
10 x 4

Scapula retraction 
Single band 10 x 2
Double band 8 x 2

Eliminate the Unnecessary, simplicity is crucial. This day was exactly that and I loved it. Feel grounded, with a clear direction and ready for more :)


Mark Reifkind said...

this is how you figure out what your real priorities are Joe, and you are getting it just fine:)Great job today.

Joe Sarti said...

Thank you Sensei! Appreciate your friendship, leadership, and support. Go Team Stones