Saturday, June 01, 2013

The Swing is the King

Just like Headstand is the King of the yoga poses, the swing is the king and as Rif says centerof the  kettlebell universe. Saturday is traditionally Snatch day at the Rifstonian Institute of Higher Training but I had to adapt as I have a crack in one of my calluses. So, I followed Rifs plan and swings were the main entree

1 Arm Swing.
48/5/5 x 3

Always tough to work with a cracked callous. Makes me have to really focus as it changes my grip and thus a change in the linkage due to increased stress relative to the bells position in the hand, or in this case my four fingers. Aside from this, my hamstrings get cooked on the Swings especially heavy 1 Arms. I have to say I value this exercise the more I practice and train it.

Power Swing 2 hands

These are exactly as stated, power! I love the ability to lock in position, set up and explode, reset and repeat! I really can access my hips and explode from the ground up. I am excited to see how they work with the barbell snatch and clean.

Clubbells Arm Cast

First time in a couple weeks doing the clubbells and they never disappoint.

Overall great being with the men today. Everyone was in a good space and things heavy, fast, powerful and strong. Rif was feeling healthy and strong as was Glenn and Nick was snatching or throwing around the Bulldog. Great energy and symmetry followed by a great breakfast and post workout conversation amongst fellow athletes, friends and men! These days are a blessing!


Mark Reifkind said...

yes the swing is the thing and you made me ask myself a question: " why the hell aren't you doing headstands"?

They have to go in, thanks.

TONS of Power from you today. those beast swings to head height were impressive.

Joe Sarti said...

Thx Rif, this was a great day today! And yes to Headstands :)

I think I want to play with alternating swing and snatch but figure we can discuss Saturday :)