Tuesday, June 25, 2013

800 meter repeats On 6/20/13

800 meter repeats. If you have ever done these you know they suck. They are grueling to say the least and just eat at the you. As if one lap around the track is not enough.

So I did 3 of these. I rested about 2 minutes between reps

here is the breakdown

1. 7:30 pace/.54 miles/4:02
2. 7:32 pace/.52 miles/3:56
3. 7:04 pace/.55 miles/3:52

finished with 4 x 100 at 20 sec work and 40 sec rest. Just had to flush the lactic acid and speed up recovery. 

These were very good. I am happy with the pace. The rest certainly helps with the speed as evident in my last run which was by far my best and furthest at .55 miles.

Followed up with long yoga stretch session. This was my 6th day in a row.

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