Wednesday, July 25, 2007

1 arm swings and TSC Reflection

That is all today. my body is feeling overall fatigue from the past 2 days and I only slept 3 hours last night. But I knew I had to hit my swing numbers so here is how it went down

1 arm swing


total 200

Now, this was not a cardio workout, which is a great thing. I know my vascular system is well developed. However, on the 20 and 20 sets I noticed the grip strength, especially the right hand which was weaker around 15. Now, I did hook grip which is part of my new method and I could for sure feel the benefit of the overload. All in all I was pleased. My low back was a little tight afterwards but I believe this to be the case of the prior days workout not anything else.

Overall I very pleased after Monday's workout and yesterdays follow up with the 40kg and the bodyweight exercises which I used for recovery and general conditioning. My legs are so much stronger as is my complete body. The training for the TSC has been the best thing I have done. Simply the process alone has really helped me focus more than ever eventhough I have done some nontraditional training (mountain biking specifically) I have been super consistent with getting what I needed accomplished done.

The one thing I was I had more prep work for was the 32 snatch. In the beginning I would say no, because I accomplsihed 90 in 5 minutes. However, the total cummulative work combined with the deadlifts and pull-ups really put my hands through the ringer. I need more hand callus development, LOL. But I think even now if I focus on the 24kg snatch and 16kg Max VO2 workout combined with heavy overload swings I will get at least 70 reps during the competition.

As I move forward I will share more about my journey through this process to the end goal. The most important aspect to me and for me is the journey and staying committed to the goal. This is something I ask of others all the time and I am glad I can step up and lead the way!


Mark Reifkind said...

training for a triathlon,whether it is an endurnace triathlon, a powerlifting triathon or a tsc triathlon is always tougher than specializing,obviously.
Whenever one trains for miultiple events similtaneously you must sacrifice what might be good for one event to make progress in another. always compromises.

you'll do great joe, you are a right on time. we need to do some 24 kg snatches soon though.

Joefitness said...

lets do them wed and maybe even a BIG set on Monday?

Nice words on the training