Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Movement and a 100# Press

Today I pressed a 100 lb kettlebell, cold. One of my trainer friends has a 100lb bell that he just acquired and he showed me the bell and I could not pass up cleaning and pressing for 1 rep on each side. He said, that right side went up easy, YES! Feel strong baby.

The importance of joint function cannot be overstated. It is imperative that we keep our joints health and as fully functional as humanly possible (which may be limited for various reasons to individuals). I believe that most (like I said some will have specific limitations) people should have full range of motion in every joint or at least approach life with this idea. Recently I read an article by Pavel in the Dragondoor magazine where he speaks of a Russian doctor named Amosov who would wake every morning and do 1000 moves of various likes

Side bends
Forward Bends
Hip/leg raises
torso twist

and more. Amosov found that a morning workout known as his morning recharge that focused on proper Joint (function) mobility was essential and even more so as one passed the age of 30. I could not agree more. I will write more on this at a later point. PS: This can be a great workout as well, I was sweating

Therefore today I did 30 minutes of Joint mobility, plus 20 minutes of yoga/stretching. I woke up today feeling sore and tight in my body from the big lifts and knew this combo workout would be a great follow-up to yesterdays great workout. Plus, I am going to do a nice 4 mile hike this afternoon with Jaz, my lovely pooch.


Aaron Friday said...

You're a mutant, but you're also smart and compassionate, so it's all good.

Joefitness said...

Thank you on all accounts Aaron. It is always pleasant to receive such kind complimentary words from others. Much gratitude!