Friday, July 27, 2007

More Swinging

I am a firm believer if I can swing well, form, technique and for reps (which will condition my cardio) then I will snatch well. At this point, I decided to wait until next week for snatches and replaced them with some more swings.


Just wanted a good stretch and to increase my shoulder stability. This always helps me find my body especially in relation to mutliplanar movement

1 Arm swing
24/20/20 feel good can do more
24/30/30 feel good can do more
24/40/40 feeling it...hmmm watching my right low back
24/30/30 right low back tightened...done

Only did this with 1 transfer and I think the overload with the hook grip and the combination of all this weeks work just has me fatigued. Overall though I was pleased

push-ups and pullups (super set) morning
10 and 5 x 5 sets

20 and 5 x 5 sets

Key was the 50 pull-ups and the 150 push-ups just is something I enjoy (truly this is not a lot of push-ups but it works for me)

that is all! Have a great weekend and just remember life is beautiful and life is fleeting so tell your partner you love them, tell your kids and parents and just enjoy yourself!



Franz Snideman said...

Nice training Joe!

Amen! Amen! Amen! Life is fleeting and oh so fragile. We are not hear for ever and this is definitely not a dress rehearsal!

Rock on brother!

Aaron Friday said...

You should do very well at the TSC. I hope you enjoy it fully. You do excellent training and have a great attitude.

Not everyone should teach others, but you should.

Joefitness said...

WoW! thank you for the kind words Aaron. That is an amazing compliment!

Franz, thank you as always for sharing

Gentleman I appreciate your interaction