Sunday, July 15, 2007

Yoga and a Hike

Started our morning with a nice Yoga session. Focus was on hip opening and some real good laughs along the way. Then we hiked into town with another run involved and had a Crepe...yummy!!! and then did a return hike/run. Nothing too much in terms of distance but felt good to move and work up a sweat!

In the afternoon I took Jaz for a hike at Lexington Resevoir and did some push-ups and ab crunches for fun.

I must confess that I am a trail runner. I felt so high after yesterdays run and was so pleased with the relative ease the run went. I am thankful for all the kettlebell work because it makes me ready to go for any activity. I may not be the fastest up the hill but hey no running and I went 2 miles all up with no warm-up and even sprinted to the top!

Oh do I love exercise!

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