Saturday, July 14, 2007

Trail run

Straight up with a couple flats and back down the same route. 4 miles total! I cannot begin to say how strong I felt running today. this was my longest run of the year and only my second. I have to give credit to the training program, especially the Kettlebells which really have developed my cardio system which did not feel taxed like I do on the swings and snatches and leg strength, especially the ability to apply force to the ground (like swings and snatches) andpropel my body up the hill. Mia and kicked ass but tried not to force the downhill since that really taxes the quads fromthe eccentric force going down hill.

Plus did 15 pull-ups.

I am surprised my legs are not super sore from yesterday. When I did the 100 squats and lunges last week on Monday they were super sore for a couple days and I went out and beat them up.

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