Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Snatches & Swings

back to the snatch work. I love this exercise eventhough it grinds the crap out of my hands. 3 more tears today and as Rif mentioned with the 32 I have it deep in my hand and doing the snatch hard-style, my preferred method really taxes my hands...oh well


Fast, fluid and felt good

2 hand Swing

Snatch Hold
24/1 min/side x1

Wow, what a great move. Real emphasis on full body tension and linkage. Great for mental focus as well!

That is all, not much too say today but I hope yours was a great as mine, if not better!

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Brett Jones said...

Even hardstyle can slip to the fingers and spare the hands - or take precautions to not tear the hands at all - I am really over the "toughness" of having ripped up hands. Sucks to miss training because part you became detached.
Good work - sounds like you had great vacation.