Monday, November 26, 2007

Jerks and Squats

Day 2 of the Squat! The evolution continues as a new beginning is under way. A natural move for me, I feel right under the bar. Today Rif noted that I might be better off with the olympic shoes due to my quad dominate nature and the fact that I would be able to use my strong hips and quads to their max benefit. This was not the case when barefoot since shifting to my hips took my quads out. This change made the squat feel much easier to perform and enabled me to get the depth required and the drive necessary. Hi my name is Joe and I like to Squat (stealing from Brett Jones). A squataholic, not yet but a big fan

185/3x1 With 2+ second pause in the hole
135/3x1 With the same pause

Hey, those pauses wake you up. My hammie is tight and right hip so I will foam roll and try the Z program tonight. I have 3 more clients first and a big warrior dinner.

Jerks (doubles)

Good basic move but with Rif making his program change I am going to go to the Heavy Pressing on this day (at least that is what we discussed and stay tuned to next Monday to see it all play out :-)

Feels good to be back on the Warrior. Thanksgiving was a rough 4 days especially accompanied with my bday. Time to be better than good

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