Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Snatch, Weighted Pull-up, Pistol

This was a great, I mean great! workout. Today I could feel the strength, the energy, the instinct of the Warrior Diet in full effect, 10 days into the program. My re-committing to the lifestyle of the Warrior diet and the rest (took Friday/Monday off of lifting/training) really showed. I am living the words I preach and practicing daily, this is the essence of life, practice what you preach and philosophically feel daily.



Fast, powerful, a good flip, good hip tension at the top and no issues with hands, grip, etc. This bell felt light and that is a first in some time doing the Snatch. The down cycle really helped to find my groove, like Rif said it would. Great coaching, great listening and here are the results. As Keats Snideman mentioned on his blog about great coaches, I am thankful I have one the fits that category and I am grateful that I opened my mind and saw the forest through the trees to accept his generous gift. The proof is in the pudding

5- BW

Yes, I did the beast with two 24's! Super excited!

Pistol (2kb in rack postion)

Focused on 1 side at a time this rest makes a difference. This is strength training, resting to allow optimal strength is a key. Leaning forward early helped me to discover my balance and not fight the stability of the move throughout which made me stronger. A huge factor. I feel really good about this technique application and I will apply it to the beast

This is TRAINING! Build, disect, challenge, improve, listen, exchange (ideas), push, back off, work, wave, do it!


Jordan Vezina said...

Great work. Being that I think we're roughly the same body type I'm following this with rapt attention.

Joe said...

Jordan, I am curious to learn more about your goals, etc. I am honored to hear you are paying attention with an open, curious and thinking mind. I hope my entries help you along your path

Jordan Vezina said...

Right now my goals are fairly broad in terms of increasing strength and endurance, with a couple of more narrow goals such as my pistols and weighted pull ups. After the rehab of my hand things are moving forward at a decent pace.

Joe said...

Cool, checked out your site and good to know your here in the Peninsula. Keep in touch and continued success