Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Yoga Observations

A nice 25 "Detox" Yoga from Itunes Yoga Download. Some observations especially after reading Gray Cooks post I read from Rifs blog.

*Yoga will tell you whats going on in your body i.e. what is tight, weak, stable, unstable and most important what you need to focus on.

*Yoga will make your muscles/body feel alive through the promotion of movement creating bloodflow. I feel the blood feeding the muscles helping me to recover and repair.

*Yoga will help you relax

*Yoga can teach you how to breathe properly with movement.

*Yoga will teach you patience

*Yoga will teach you the with consistency and perseverance you make progress, even with only 20+ minutes workouts.

*Yoga provides a way to stretch and lengthen your body.

*Yoga burns calories and is a form of exercise.

*Yoga can be what you make it to be.


Franz Snideman said...

Nice Post Joe! Just can't get into structured Yoga myself, although I do use alot of Yoga like poses with my own stretching and with my clients.

That's cool that your fitness regime is so balanced......you are good and have discipline in many areas!

Joe said...

Stretching and yoga are two in the same in so many ways. So, I too like you use these stretches with clients and on days I miss out on doing the structure portion.

For me it is as much for relaxation and meditation as it is the stretching. I truly get a calming effect.

Next I am going to add 3 days of sprint run conditioning. I am all about progress and balance. My diet is way better and it is giving more and more energy to perform and helping me to recover so much better