Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tempo Runs, Clubbells and Rehab

My legs are Sore! Oh how I forgot how squats make the legs ache :-). So, I wanted to do some tempo runs to flush out the acid and aid the healing process and too test the Hammie.


No hammie issues and legs feel loose.

A variety of clubbell exercises such as: rockets, pendulums, flags, torch press, single and double arm cast, side cast?, mills, combo moves all for 10 reps x 2 sets using only a single 10lb bell. There is a significant difference between the 5 and 10lb bell.
Not sure of all the names so I cannot be too specific.

foam roll, stretch, massage, ice, jacuzzi tub or what I call Joga (i did not steal this from Rif and the Rifga just happened to be we think along similar lines, go figure :-)

I feel good, just want to be preventive in my approach


Franz Snideman said...


Nice to see you doing the Tempo Runs!

I didn't know you had injured you hammie? What happened?

Is it healed?

Joe said...

No not yet. The speculation is that I may have done it whle doing my deads. I had one rep where I ended up doing essentially what amounts to a straight leg dl with 400+. Rif noted this but I had not felt it.

So, I have been holding off on the recommended sprint work and just testing the tempo runs. No pain or issues today or yesterday afterward, so that is very good news.

I really want to run but I feel sticking to tempo is the right idea and doing the dynamic warmup stuff. A's in particular.