Monday, November 19, 2007

Jerks, Squats and clubbells

Great Monday workout at Stones. A couple of first to boot and a great post 33 bday celebration

Jerks (1kb)


Ok, these bigger numbers bring about a nice fatigue and great workload. Had my HR up to 180 on the last set so I knew muscularly and cardiovascularly I was working hard. The coordination is improving.

worked up to a set of 195 for triples x 1 set

This was the first for me in well over 5+ years. Truth be told I cannot even begin to recall the last time I Squatted with a bar. More important this was my first lesson from Rif, who is a true Powerlifting coach. He approached me with a wide stance, bar across the rear delts, back squatter. I could tell how this would really help the Deadlift and I could feel the power, strength and full body effort required to move the bar. A very natural move with this particular set up. So far to go but a great first step and what a move. Talk about respect for those men and women who lift big.

Arm cast to Flag
1 bell: 10lb/8/8x1
2 bell: 10lb/8/8x1
15lb/7/7x1, 6/6x1, 5/5x1

Side Swing

Fantastic workouts, they just keep getting better!

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