Friday, November 02, 2007

Presses Swings and Pullups + some

Started the day with a hard 25 minute Power Vinyasa Yoga workout off of (PS I have the PDF if interested of the poses and sequence). this was a nice warm-up and a good compliment to yesterdays 25min Hatha Yoga. Plus, I have been sore from this weeks workouts.


Moderate load with high rep/volume. Have not done this in a while and with my main mental focus on the Jerks I felt this was a nice compliment for the day. Next week I plan on using the 40kg.

Supersetted Presses with 1 arm swings

took note of my meeting with Ken Black yesterday and combined that with Rif and my own knowledge seem to get a better grasp on truly letting the bell flow and following the momentum. I have a tendancy to pull against the force of the bell to early on the acceleration phase and this greatly affects how the bell loads my body.


PS: got my beast thanks to Ken and this thing is HEAVY, friggin big ball of cast iron and soon to be in play

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