Monday, November 05, 2007

Jerks, DL's & Clubbells

A bit tired today. Got to bed late as I moved all weekend so I only got 5 hours last night, no excuse just a reality.

Jerks (2kb)

Still learning this move but I like it. Sure is tough and with 2 bells it is a doosy of a workout. I like Rif's analogy of a plumbline, keeping the arms perpendicular to the floor on the dip.

warm-up from 135 to 405, typical pattern


Good but this is where you could see the energy lacking. Rifism drive legs, then lats, then legs to finish....good point!!

Clubbells 10lb done with 1 bell, 2 sets of 10 each
pendulum swings
torch swings
arm casts
Shield Casts

these things are cooool. I am catching on quite quickly or at least I think :-). Will practice more

25 minutes of a gentle hatha yoga to calm myself and loosen up the body.

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