Saturday, November 17, 2007

Press, Pull-up, Swing

rockets, pendulum, flag and torch press, casts with the 5lbs


Total of 70 and 4900lbs

Superset w/ Pull-ups

Swings (1 arm)

A bit tight at the hamnstring insertion (orgin)on the ishcial tuberosity.

A great workout


Franz Snideman said...

dude, you are a pressing machine!!!

What is your goal with the sprints? What distance do you want to compete in Joe?

50 meters? 60 meters? 100 meters?

The first thing I would do is get your 10 meters super fast. Example workout:

Warm up:track drills, BW exercises, etc.
5 x 10 meters (focus on quickness and technique)(rest 1 min)
3 x 20 meters (rest 90 sec)
3 x 30 meters (rest 2 min)

Cool down - you're done!
short and sweet brother! Focus first on your 10 meters than you can start adding distance! If you can get that first part of your race down, everything will take care of itself from there. The 10 meter sprints will keep you fresh and will not trash you at tall. If you start with 40's, 50's and 60's it will trash your legs big time.

Try and train with minimal soreness and CNS freshness!!!!

Joe said...

Great question. I like the simplicity and direct approach you have presented. Initially I would say 60 meters but I am open to 100 as well.

This is great Franz, truly appreciate your input. I must add Squats to my program for this as well.

Looks Fun

PS Live right next to Stanford, so this will work great

Joe said...

PS: how many days/week and is this best done on the off days, T/Th/Sat

Franz Snideman said...

Nice talking with you Joe!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your girlfriend and your family!

Joe said...

Thank you Franz, your time and friendship are greatly appreciated.

As always my best to you, Yoanna and your family!