Saturday, November 03, 2007

Yoga & the Warrior Diet

20 minutes of Vinyasa Flow doing Sun Salutations. Again used off of iTunes which offers great yoga 'workouts' 20 to 25 minutes and present a great compliment to other forms of training (i.e. kettlebells, running for me, and my power lifts/body weight (pull-ups) exercises). The consistency of my program is yielding great results.

The area I am now adding and enhancing my focus is my Warrior Diet principles/philosophy. From personal experience and from reviewing multiple facets of literature on nutrition and from re-reading the book it just makes sense. The principles and philosophy behind the system are effective. You must read for yourself to see and if you have done the reading that I have and had numerous discussion with others you would see why I value the concepts. I am not saying it is for everyone, but I do believe it has a place for many of us, me being one person.

Continued success and enjoyment on your journey through life, may you be as or more blessed and fortunate as I.

Peace and Gratitude

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