Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Snatch (24kg) & Pull-up (weighted)

So I was trying to think back to my last workout the 24kg for Snatch. I know the volume was 150 and I did a 8/8/5/5 for 5 set workout. Today we bumped it up and here is the low down.

24/5/5/10/10x1 (I had felt that I was losing my rhythm and less transfers the better)

total of 188 and 9964 pounds (2000 more than prior workout)

This was work. I could feel the cummlative fatigue adding up with the last round of set 3 and the last round of set 4. I worked on finding a pace and speed I was comfortable with. I know I am a sprinter, I like moving hard, fast and fluid and this means the heart rate adds up. I feel that when I slow down I lose my technique. The last set I really stepped the speed up and finished in 1 minute 10 seconds where the prior sets took about 120 to 125. That extra blast on the last set made me feel like puking and my Heart Rate reflected that at about 198+ (hard to count when beating that fast). Where in prior sets I think reached up to 188.


Not a lot left in the tank for those big pulling muscles and the assistance groups

Thats it

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