Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Max VO2 Snatch and Heavy Pull-ups

Tickering and tweaking to find a great balance, part of training. So with Rif's schedule change I am following suit. It makes it better for both of to push each other, etc.

Max VO2 Snatch
16/7/side for 40 sets (20 minutes). Last 3 sets on each side did 8 reps

My hammie held strong, back had minimal issues and hands are well....good things and the benefit of consistent application and tweaks and tickering with technique. So happy that through my trials and tribulations (my poor TSC snatch performance and all the tears plus low back discomfort) that I have stuck it out and worked diligently with Rif and here we are. I have to say this felt relatively easy, definitely easier than the prior time a couple weeks ago when did the 35 sets.

I felt the heart beating and my breathe was flowing in and out but I never felt like I had to stop or I could not do more. 40 was the right number for today and I still had more in me which is why the last 3 sets with the 8's was doable. But let me tell you there is a significant difference between 7 and 8, especially if applied over 20 minutes and not just 3 minutes. That extra bit of force application each rep and each set in the progressive and structured manner of this workout takes the Max VO2 to another level. Power, speed and strength at its best...snatch style that is.


this was the strongest I have felt in some time. Strong and Powerful, pulling with a mission and great intention! I was fast and really got great lat usage and felt the technque was honed in well.

Overall I have to say that I have been on a great roll for a long time and the results are there. This sticking to a program and working out all the kinks, etc. in order to master a system and enhance to body and mind is amazing. Not only am I able to apply to myself but to clients and my practice as well. It sure means more when you are practicing what you preach.
Thank goodness for a great coach and mentor


Brett Jones said...

Consistency - a few basics will take you very far.
Only 4 basic punches in boxing but endless combos and technique!

Joe said...

Exactly, a very successful approach. Hope you heal up fast