Sunday, October 26, 2008

13.1 and my Training Regimen

Yes, today marked a race or what amounts to a training run. The race took us from downtown San Jose, through my old stomping grounds of Willow Glen down the Vasona Trail with a finish in beautiful Los Gatos. A beautiful day, a beautiful run with a strong finish.

The total time was 1:56 which is awesome and this is the first time in my almost 3 months of training I have broke the 10 mile mark so to have a strong finish over the last 4 miles was great. I could tell I was breezing because I passed a lot of people, not that this matters because it truly does not but I could tell I was getting stronger as I neared the end of the run.

The beauty of this whole experience is that all my training for life and everything else is blending and flowing so well. My strength, endurance, flexibility all have and continue to build in all aspects of my being and this was a great example or 'test' of the overall life program.

I did not deviate from my normal training regimen all week doing a long hill run Friday, Yoga yesterday and today's run so that to me made it all the more perfect. The point is that I did not approach this as a race but as another beautiful day. I knew I would push harder, challenge myself more, etc. but I also knew that whatever time that this was another day to train for life and living, another part of my daily practice of being!

My yoga practice has been 5-6 days a week and I have been attending classes rather than home practice in an effort to observe how others teach and make my presence felt as I will begin teaching soon.

My kettlebells have been great, pressing the 40kg, Snatching the 32 and even the 40kg, and now will add a third workout with Jerks plus doing Deadlifts again and pull-ups. The loads are heavy, the volume moderate and intensity what it is because of the weights. I LOVE BEING STRONG!!!!!

My running is only 3 days a week which is just fine and mainly consists of hills. I have to be careful because of the demands on hills but I am listening load and clear to my body, in fact no running till Wed.

TRAINING REGIMEN (in a perfect world, since things do vary I allow for complete flexibility and flow. I try to make the best use of my time and schedule all while listening to my deeper being and body, not my thoughts :-)

Tuesday: Strength and Yoga
*Yoga (Darshana or Willow Glen Yoga)

Wednesday: Endurance and Yoga
*Trail Run (45 minutes or so)
*Yoga (Darshana)

Thursday: Strength and Yoga
*Yoga (Home or Willow Glen)

Friday: Endurance and Yoga
*Trail Run (1 hour or so)
*Yoga (depends on business schedule..maybe home practice)

Saturday: Strength and Yoga
*Yoga (Darshana or Los Gatos yoga source)

Sunday: Endurance and Yoga
*Trail Run (long)
*Yoga (Home or Darshana)


Jo said...

1:56!!! Wow you did awesome Joe! Congrats on finishing strong! :)

Joe Sarti said...

Yes, Thank you. It is all just wonderful