Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Systems Integration

Yes, this is a very key principle in life, how to integrate different systems into a blend that compliments your lifestyle and helps you to achieve the things you wish to achieve. There are numerous systems available and worthy of integrating that will indeed provide support and compliment any lifestyle system.

I have and continue to expand, explore and bring facets of different systems into mine and work to integrate into the most beautiful painting, a Monet so to speak. However, through all the trials I have specifics that provide the essential foundation for my basic system.

I am constantly exploring my being, my body, my mind, my intellect, my curiousity is a great gift that has put me in touch with many great folks who are kind enough to share their ideals, their philosophies, their integrated systems. They are also kind enough to share with you, the reader, the listener to my show as you seek to improve your system integration and function.

Today, Cameron Shayne, the inventor of Budokon will talk about his system of integration which is a beautiful blend of Martial Arts, Yoga, their philosophies, their movements, and includes a nutritional and lifestyle philosophy as well. He is a brilliant and unique person who himself and his system have much to offer and contemplate.

Enjoy your Systems Integration

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