Thursday, October 23, 2008


Do you have any expectations? If so, are you, have you been successful in fulfilling your expectations? How does it feel to do so? or how does it feel to not do so? Are your expectations set in a solid foundation of reality? Why do you set expectations?

I have lived my life with certain expectations but as I grew I learned that in doing so I was setting limitations on myself. Now, I do not see expectations as goals, after all if they were the same then why do we have 2 different words with 2 different meanings describing the same thing? Well, we do not because they are unique to one another. That being said I said to myself "no expectations, no limitations"

Now, for you expectations may be a positive thing that help you in your life, well then you should continue if you feel good about these. However, when we place expectations on others, when place expectations on things out of our 'control' then I question whether this is fair to anyone or anything.

During this time we are faced with elections for our nation, one of significance as there is a major shift happening one way or another. Is it fair to expect that whomever becomes President or is elected to any office will be the person or people to fulfill our wishes? In my humble opinion, heck no. I am, you are responsible for yourself and your actions...NO ONE ELSE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU! Fair enough?, maybe not but their is a prevailing wisdom amongst people who are considered 'experts' that we are accountable and responsible for ourselves and our actions, no matter what.

So, we must be conscious and aware and not place any expectations on anyone else or anything else. In addition, we must manage our expectations of ourselves (assuming you choose to place this upon yourself). Management and understanding of expectations are key factors in truly grasping what we are saying when we place these things upon ourselves.

Why do I bring this up? Because daily I meet and talk with folks whom have expectations of things. I often with an observational eye wonder if these expectations are truly founded on a solid foundation of reality. What I often see as a result is additional stresses and pressures that add to an already overload of other stressors of life and living. In turn, when these people fail to live up to expectations I see them beat themselves up over it on top of how they beat themselves up through the process.

Take a deep breathe, be open, be flexible and definitely stretch yourself in life, challenge yourself but without expectation, without the added stress of an expected outcome. This and further attachment to the outcome, the fulfillment of the outcome tend to bring undue harm. When we are attached to an outcome, filled with expectations we place limitations on ourselves by (not necessarily intentionally) placing restraints, limiting our ability to adapt, to be flexible, to stretch beyond our comfort, beyond our expectations to something that may be even more amazing, suit us better.

As Deepak Chopra says have faith, because we all live in the unknown. By having faith you live in reality because you have trust, faith in your ownself and that what is to be will be and all will be perfect.

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