Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Power of the Mind!

What comes first the Mind or the Body? For me this is not a question, this is not a right or a wrong this is just a philosophy. Mind over Matter, mind over body!

My training of people revolves around training their minds which in turn will help them achieve more in all aspects of life and of course the body is one key element. I am working to teach people how to use their mind to strength their circuitry and systems, to help enable everything to work in concert like the sounds of the London Philaharmonica.

This process is exactly that, and it takes time to get all the neurons, all the neural pathways to develop in such a way that performance is optimized. Again for me and for them performance has numerous measurements. For many who come it is in the tangible outcomes but the work I do is also aimed at the deeper level philosophical principles of life and living.

Training is something I do for life, everyday I awake and prepare for the moment, the day, and what lies ahead. My goal as a student is to be prepared the current moment, the present moment I am living right at that time and the best part is this approach, this training methodology has and does continue to prepare for all the subsequent moments that lie in the future.

Strengthening the brain, the mind, and the body to work together in concert, developing the strength of the neural pathways which have plasicity and can be retrained, redeveloped is the goal of my training. I want those pathways to be strong and function with clarity, light, positive energy, direction, intention and without resistance.

This is possible, this is strength training, honing, greasing and re-greasing the groove (Pavel) or the neural pathway in a state of consciousness, a state of freshness, a state of presence and awareness.

I have learned through numerous teachers, teachings, and experience about the possibilities of the human, of man kind and I believe that we have so much more we can do, we can achieve, that our max is only barely tapped into, that human potential is infinite.

My training is about infinite possibilities, about living life without limits! I am doing this more and more for myself everyday as those neural pathways continue to develop and strengthen. This is a daily practice, and requires presence.Mo

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