Thursday, October 23, 2008


Beyond! Beyond where you stand, where you see, what you hear, what you be, what around you be, beyond your minds eye. We can transcend our current state to that which we wish to be, wish too...Yes, we can move beyond the here, beyond the now, beyond the pain, the suffering, beyond our poor choices, beyond our past, out of our present state to a new state of presence.

As a coach, as a counselor, educator, support mechanism, motivator, inspirational person, friend I contact people everyday wishing to be at a higher level, to achieve a better state of being. Examples include, changing perceptions about body imaging, changing their appearance, having better relations with their loved ones, having a deeper connection with themselves, moving beyond depression, feeling better about themselves, etc.

My one thing I say to them is that, YES YOU CAN, you can transcend your current state and be as you wish to be. Anything is possible, your are only limited by your own self (and you know no better and I cannot fault you for this but just be compassionate and loving). I am here to tell you YES YOU CAN and I am here to support and guide you to your own ability to transcend because truly only YOU CAN transcend your current state.

Yes, it does help to have support and others help but it is your choice, your ability to comprehend, to discover, to uncover and bring yourself to new heights. The great thing again is Transcendence is possible, it does happen, it does exist and examples live here and now.

Transcendence is a journey, a process and the fact that you are here and acknowledging your wish, desire, etc. to move beyond is part of your transcending the moment. However, you need to be conscious, present, aware and alive as much as you possibly can. You need to have love, gratitude, be at peace and have compassion for yourself, your past, your current state. You do not 'need' to go any further, just have respect and understand that everything is ok, everything is perfect as it has been and that you can create the life you wish, YES YOU CAN transcend and move beyond.

Transcendence is a journey, enjoy the moment, be at peace and have love and gratitude for all things past and present and know that anything is possible, that live does not have to have limits.

We can make this as complex as we wish and if you desire to have a deeper more complex understanding then there are plenty a resource out there to explore and examine. I have and do this myself but one thing I have learned is that I am transcending and I am doing so because I have so much love, gratitude, peace, compassion for all that has come to me in life. Also, I realize our stories our different, that indeed I have had it 'easier' than others and for you I have love, compassion, respect, gratitude and peace for you and I believe in you, trust in you that you too can Transcend to new heights, new levels.


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