Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Movement and Stillness

As my life and business continues its evolution I am beginning to be able to understand more what it is I truly practice and teach. The 2 words that come to mind are Movement and Stillness. Yes, they do sound contradictory but in fact they are representative of the balanced and centered approach of my philosophy on life.

I am not saying they are the definitive, but today and currently in my life they are representative. Each day I practice and teach people how to move and how to do so with optimal strength, flexibility, agility, balance, grace, beauty, speed, endurance, awareness, integration, efficiency, effectiveness, safety, and so much more.

Each day I also practice stillness and speak of such practice in my use of language and description. With my yoga studies ramping up and my level of understanding increasing I will be doing this stillness teaching more so and I begin to take on classes. At this point my stillness teaching is in a developmental stage as I too am truly beginning to understand what it means to be still, be conscious, and be able to move at the same time.

A perfect blend, a perfect balance of life and living.

PS: Take time to listen to today's show with Les Leventhal. Listen carefully and quietly for the wisdom we shared today! (go to my page, Your Life Without LImits)

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