Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wisdom Begins With Wonder

I do not usually get on my 'high horse' but I just cannot help but share somethings I have observed today and just in general. These things make me wonder about the direction of some of humanity and how and what we are presenting to the world and others.

I cannot begin to tell you how often I smile, say hello, open a door, etc. and receive ZERO response back, not even an acknowledgment. I am certain reasons exist and we can 'justify' them but is that not bothersome to you? Does it not make you wonder? As this sign said today "wisdom begins in wonder" and if this is indeed the case than I becoming wise. :-) But truly, where are we going in this world if we cannot even acknowledge those around us and more so does this extend beyond just the common folk we encounter to even those close to us?

The other thing that truly disturbed me today was the people in the crowd at the McCain/Palin gatherings. As McCain and Palin were both making their speeches people in the crowd were yelling "kill him', "treason", "traitor" about Barack Obama. Is this acceptable to you? Is that how you want people to treat you or how you would treat others? This is not about right, wrong, etc. this too me seems to be about a basic respect and honor we should have for all who walk this planet, who share the air and water, who are fortunate to live in a place like the US where even in tough times we still have more than most.

Sometimes you just have to wonder aloud and ask yourself is that how it should be and is this how I want to be? I say, f*ck no, and therefore I will keep smiling, keep saying high, keep opening doors, keeping offering with no expectation but with gratitude that I am wise and can see the forest through the trees, that I am doing my part to make this a place filled with peace, kindness, gratitude and love.

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Radhika said...

Its amazing how you have written this piece! It reminds of when I watched the Movie "Patch Adams" with Robbin Williams - I was very young - like 12 or so - But its the first time I cried in a movie! It was an aha moment, a deep realization I had that my purpose in life is just to make "others happy" - thats it! And I would do whatever it takes - what a high! I just left a comment on your post about Essence and the 5 words - I think "Happiness" would be one of my words that never change! I find it strange when you say that sometimes you get a ZERO response to your good kind gestures - How is that possible? How can people not respond to YOU - Im sure you have amazing energy! It shows in your writing and in your commitment to share & make a difference! In my experience people always respond well - sometimes it amazes and overwhelms me on how much people open up to me when I reach out to them & be kind in some way! Occasionally yes there are people who are so cold and shut off - like they have blinders on - in fact they can even be so rude - in those cases I follow something I learnt when I was very young - people who inflict pain are the ones who have a lot of pain within - what is inside is what shows up outside - and such people need an extra dose of empathy and love, to penetrate their walls! So I go the extra mile (with the "stuck up" people) - just to make sure I touched their core in some way - even if its just a drop! All you can do is Plant the seed - and eventually it will sprout and grow!