Monday, October 13, 2008

This Weeks Guest, Cameron Shayne

Cameron Shayne is the creator of the Budokon System which is a unique integration of Martial Arts and Yoga. This dynamic system will be certain to take your health and wellness to another level. Alone each practice is incredible but in this combination the strength of each system is strengthened 2 fold.

Budokon goes well beyond just the movement aspect as there also is a philosophical and nutrition side which makes it one of if not the most unique and complete systems out there. Cameron is a dynamic speaker who is filled with wisdom worthy of listening too. Take the pleasure of enjoying Cameron, learning more about his philosophies, the Budokon System and beyond this

Wed at 1 pm PST

You can always catch the show at any point by going to the above site and search for my name or the show date/time or the title
YOUR LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS. Cameron will be sharing his wisdom about how to live your life without limits.

Catch ya Wed on the show.

Thank you for your support, the show is going GREAT thanks to all you who take the time to listen live or download the archives.

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