Friday, October 17, 2008

Workout Updates


Been spending a lot of time on my legs and in the hills. Runs average 45 to 90 minutes and varying trails as well as a flat run mixed in. Through the runs I am seeing a great increase in my endurance as well as hill strength. I am finding that all the hill/trail runs are increasing my flat times/average miles. My focus has been to listen to my body and my Central Nervous System to determine if I am moving too much or running too many hill miles/minutes. So far so good and I am really happy having this as a strong part of my life and training for life protocols. I feel really balanced with this aspect included.


Focus on strength. I am again pressing the 40kg and snatching the 32kg each and every week following a progressive scheme. Again with the integration of the Running, Yoga and KB's I have had to pay close attention and not ramp up to hard and fast with anything. I do know I feel really strong and the groove of each move is really strong. I attribute that to the type of training over the last few years where the mind body connection has truly been the greatest component in the increase and ability to maintain/increase my strength.

PS: Also, I am doing pull-ups twice a week using rings, bars and climbing wall grips.


This is in my mind the most important aspect of all my life practices. I am going to class 3 days a week minimum and closer to 5 plus doing my own home practice. Through my practice and through attending various instructors at varying locations and with varying styles I am only more deeply convicted as to what my mind and body need in regards to Yoga.

As much as I enjoy and respect the Power Yoga, which tends to be heavy on the workout and sweat I realize that the Iyengar style Yoga is best suited for me at this point. Now, I am still attending Power classes since that is all I have time for on some days and it is amazing in its own right, I seek Iyengar classes because I am looking to hone my alignment, quiet my mind and connect my breathe and movement. I am such a young student in Yoga terms that the Iyengar style and philosophy are best suited for my development. Although, those power yoga classes truly do kick my ass and make me sweat or detox buckets...dripping wet and glossy.

Overall what I have noticed is that I have the best balance in my life and training ever. I am learning, growing, and deepening my understanding of how to integrate various systems and progress each at the appropriate rate while not over doing anything in particular. The link between my 'training' and my life are tightly intertwined and linked as are the parallels. Best part is I am alive and Living while having a great time filled with fun.

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