Sunday, October 05, 2008

Coaching Course, The Basics

This weekend was the first course in the Coaching Course series I began back in March. I had entered the course late so I missed the Basics of Coaching Part 1 and believe me when I say I missed a whole lotta valuable insight and bonding.

The beauty of coaching and in particular this schools philosophy and teachers is in the approach. Rosie Kuhn and Todd Zimmerman come at coaching from a unique perspective that is filled with valuable insight into self, relation, and coaching principles, practices. Their is no perfect question, their is no perfect answer, their is no one way, their is only what your client is seeking, their intention and commitment that matters. You, as coach hold the space, the container and you are there to serve and guide them along their to the answers they seek.

The idea is that the client will go through their own process to dis-cover what it is they seek. You may think you know what is best for them, you may indeed have the answer but it is best they un-cover and you help guide them through questioning, etc.

The other aspect is the self-discover that happens during the course. You are in a constant evaluation mode which makes sense considering it is essential that you as the coach understand yourself, etc. It is pretty safe to say we all could do a bit of digging to help discover 'things' about ourselves. This program gives you such opportunities through the application of the lessons contained in each section by practicing on each other. So, you become client, coach and observer and throughout have a Coach who has been through the program overseeing the process and helping when necessary.

This weekend, the first in the series was nothing less than amazing. To have had the fortune of experiencing prior courses it was fun to look at all the new students/coaches come in and see firsthand what this course was like, to uncover aspects of themselves, to be curious, inquisitive, open, questioning, humble, and to step forward and step out into a new world and in the process bring the whole group to another level.

I love exploring myself, others, relationships, etc. I love having an open, positive communication with people who are willing to challenge the current paradigm. I love to be and feel inspired, too hear others views on everything. I love feeling open to unlimited possibilities, right or wrong does not matter just holding a space which is non judgemental, that is empty and ready to be filled every grain of salt. This is such an environment.

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