Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Barbell Snatch, Box Squat and more

Well, here is day 2 and the potential layout. I will wait to confirm as I expect some good feedback from Rif :) This is a speed day and technique day for that matter. First, I have 2 new movements I have added, the barbell snatch and box squat. Second, I am continuing my pistol speed work as well and adding in swings.

Box Squat at parallel or slight below. 


Rested approximately 30 sec between sets. Did not have any issues with position, etc. just need to be sure I am on the correct path here. The video is a bit ackward angle but does catch depth and shin angle.

Hang Barbell Snatch 
Warm up progressions


Thank goodness for video, it provides feedback when no other means exists, I.e. a coach. I feel better, I get the ideas and concepts. I just need lots and lots of practice. I love the movement!

Pistol box squat
Double 12kg KBs
2 reps R leg. 20 sec between sets x 5
Repeat on L side

Rooting, this is the key. Staying strong in my root or foot is crucial. I make sure to squash the bug (old baseball term) and spread the floor. Learned this for Rif, at the RKC in 2005, watching Louie Simmons, now KStar. Point is they all say the same thing and the shit works. Lights up the hammies, glutes, lower leg and essentially the whole chain from foot to core.

Banded KB Swings medium band
24kg with Band: 10 reps wi 10 sec break x 5 sets

30 minutes of yoga
20 minutes of meditation

15 minutes of Prehab


Mark Reifkind said...

Joe! first, PLEASE embed the videos so I don't have to click on a link to see it. Just chick on share ( on youtube) then click on embed and copy that into the blog. Now I'll go look at the training :0

Mark Reifkind said...

DAMN dude, that hang snatch is freakin' good! Are you wearing a heel on your shoe? that's the only thing that might make it better.OLY guys wear OLY shoes for a reason.great speed technique and position

Mark Reifkind said...

Box squats look decent. You are losing upper back tightness as you get close to the box( rounding a little) and taking a little too much time getting to the box.And let your self SIT on it more as well. but good stuff.

Also if you didn't snatch first before the squats you should.speed and technique work before strength

Joe Sarti said...

Sorry about the vids, I am having issues embedding. I will try in computer.

I do wear oly shoes :) and need to switch order as I did squat first.

I will review with you Saturday but I get back tightness but néed help with the SIt cue.

Ad the hang snatch looks good. I feel good but realize I have a lot to learn. :)