Saturday, May 11, 2013

Snatch Peak of the Wave

Well, it's been a good week strength wise and today it just felt right. The plan was to do work with the 36kg but sometimes you have to adjust the plan and today was that day. Keep in mind we have earned this right with all the prior weeks work. It was not a rush to judgment by any means but a progression available.

There was good juju today. Rif, Nick and I were all relaxed, performing strong, smiling and had some good laughs but focused on getting in quality work. Rif PR'd his 1 arm, swing with the Beast and easy at that, nick snatched the beast R side and a near L miss. It felt great and wish we did this 3 days a week, because JuJu like this, that community where everyone is working together brings out the best in all of us as evident with today's big numbers and BIG bells.

40/1/1 x 5
36/3/3 x 2

My hands are a bit beat up and this always f-cks things up but Rif did a great tape job and that helped and I had no hand issues. I will say I much prefer skin to bell versus tape to bell but so be it. Felt powerful and just the right numbers of reps with this weight.

2 hand Swing

These were awesome. I liked reducing the snatch volume and subbing in Swings. after all the swing is the king of all movements. Fast, powerful and very well connected. I focused on the following

1. Foot position
2. Driving feet into floor, pressing and spreading the ground.
3. Powering through the hips
4. Lars tight, shoulders linked
5. Driving the bell into the swing
6. Bending the bell by torquing on my pinky pad.

Clubbells arm cast
35/10/10 x 2
35/8/8/8/8 mixed in with shield cast for a combo finisher!

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