Saturday, May 04, 2013

Snatch Day

We all gathered at Stones today for the first time in weeks and it felt good to have the pack together. I cannot help but think of the new Hangover and all the personalities, we certainly have 4 characters :)

Saturdays mean one thing, Snatch at least for Nick and I. Rif and Glenn are making a change to heavy swings which compliments nick and I cause heavy is the thing. And heavy usually means 5 or less reps which equates to power, speed and StrongFirst :)

32/3/3 x 13
Last set 6/6

No problem. Bell moved fast, groove felt strong and relatively consistent. Hands had a rough time due to my failure to do an adequate job taking care of them this week. Lesson learned.

I love triples, I can really hit the gas and move a big weight fast and with form. No problem doing more sets to get the volume especially when my goal in with the snatch is pure strength, power and speed. I will use track work and mountain biking for my conditioning along with my Monday workouts.

Clubbell single arm cast

Right side is certainly weaker but this movement will lend to its development

Front Lever
3 reps x 3 sets with first static holds. Repeat of Monday but with added hold and spot from Rif.

Planche (band support)
3 rounds of static hold

Total workload today was less than other days. But this was good. I have been doing a lot of yoga combined with bodyweight strengthen yoga movements (hand balances) and other practices such as capoiera (self taught through DVD). So those extra days and movements are key pieces to my flexibility, mobility and general health and conditioning. Feels good!

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