Friday, May 31, 2013

Barbell Cleans practice and more

Part of my personal quest/commitment is to learn the barbell clean. So, today the journey begins and I need lots of practice.

Barbell Clean

Hang Clean

These each provide their challenge. First off, my third pull sucks and is something I am in need of work on. From the hang it is far easier for me to connect and get a cleaner version of the third pull. However, from the floor, my second pull is off and this makes my third pull bad. All in all the third pull is a glaring challenge and I will have to do some special drills I watched off Catalyst website, home of Greg Everrett. The chain s a whole is just not embedded in my muscle patterning but I do get it.

Front Squat
135/3 x 8

Did this tabata style, 20 sec work, 10 rest for 8 rounds. In actuality it was more 15/15 but still felt crisp, clean and strong in the hole, specifically keeping the low back curve with a strong root.

Box Jump 30 inch
3 x 5

Shoulder/rotator rehab.

Jump rope practice.

Key is practice! And lots of it!

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