Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Strength day

Reset button hit. Hit peak last week of a long cycle. So, today we hit the reset button. Felt good to put some emphasis on other moves. Here is how it went down.

Max reps military press
Double 24/20
Double 24/15

Sled pull forward and backward
100 lbs x 1
135 lbs x 1
155 lbs x 2

Belt at waist height. Walk forward 50 plus yards return walk backwards. Backward is where I really felt the work, especially hammies and post movement quads. These are simply put a solid movement.

Primal crawl
10 steps forward 10 back 4 times x 4 sets

First tried this back in early Jnuary whe Geoff Neupert visited Rif and Stones. After the snatch portion he invited me to do this move. I had wanted Rif to show me so this was a perfect opportunity. All I remember is how sore I was. Total distance probably equal to or less than that particular day but effective nonetheless. I like connecting the spinal alignment with movement. Feels like a very intelligent move and challenging at the same time.

Clubbell arm cast/shield cast combo
25/10/10/10/10 x 1
35/8/8/8/8 x 2

Ok, this was awesome. Second set of 35lbs I could feel the forearm/wrist fatigue. This was a great combo and nice challenge.

All in all a solid day. Nothing earth shattering or awe inspiring but these are the days where you get stronger while recharging the batteries and resetting the switch. A good transition to the next ramp up portion of the cycle. Good training has a natural wave like progression which when drawing Aline through the wave structure you will see a nice solid progression up to new peaks.

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