Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Beyond the Bell

If one is to look at this blog, my 'training log' they may wonder if what I post is all I do. The answer is no. Why, because explaining in detail my other practices is sometimes difficult and other times not nearly as exciting as say pressing the beast kettlebell.

However, I have stated this before, my most important and enduring practice is not the kettlebell, pull-ups, barbells but the other stuff. In particular the yoga and meditation plus pranayama practices. These require the most attention and are the foundation of my practice. 

Over the past few months I have been digging and exploring this practice and do just that practicing and learning new things and differing points of view. Number one has been Budokon which is the simplest form is Hatha yoga, martial arts and meditation. In addition I have been exploring as of recent Capoiera, the Brazilian Martial Art. 

Both of these are self taught with the guidance of videos, YouTube and Internet resources. Time and lack of available teachers has me using that which I have the easiest access. 

The point I wish to share I beleive is clear, I do far more the KBs which I really enjoy and my training and more important my practice is daily, a moving meditation or movement and meditation and breath work. 

Thank you

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