Thursday, May 30, 2013

Practice, conditioning and yoga..jump rope??

Took my first foray into the world of Jump rope. Never have I practiced or committed to it, surprising but true. This was good, I have work to do and lots of it but made progress. could feel the move and hold 10 plus jumps including a round of about 15-20. Practice is everything.

Concept 2 Rower
5, 1 minute intervals.

Ave: 1:50 over 500 meters
Ave 275 meters
Ave 25-27 S/M
Ave: 250 watts

Practice Kipping Toes 2 Bar
5 sets of 10 reps

Jump Rope
10 rounds

Yoga practice: work on mobility and flexibility of full body.

Nothing crazy or Wow factor but practice and good practice. Loosened up the body and feeling good heading into Friday and Saturday!

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