Monday, May 06, 2013

Speed Day

A little short on time today so I chose to get 3 quality moves in. Only 35 notes with a warm up.

Speed Military Press
28/3 x 10 R
28/3 x 10 L

Per usual I start each set on the 12 & 6 giving me 10 sec work, 20 rest. I perform all moves on one side then after 10 sets switch to other arm.

Today they all felt easy. No struggle, pure fast and quality work. Best day so far.

Box Pistol Squat
Double 16kg/2 x 5 R
Double 16kg/2 x 5 L

This is also using the 12 & 6 on the clock but 15 sec work, 15 rest. Things came together here today. I felt I had a good connection head to toe and my easiest day with this movement under these conditions. This is paying off.

2 hand swing for speed
24/10 x 8

15 sec rest between sets. All about speed endurance here. First time doing this work sequence in forever and I liked it. Primarily because I could connect all the dots, move with perfection and with speed and snap. No video 


Mark Reifkind said...

could that be any easier? lol. nice work. you need the bands again. a looser one than last time but you need more resistance at the top. you're too strong :)

Joe Sarti said...

Haha alright, we can discuss Saturday options. You mentioned,chains so,maybe we can set that up! Good to be strong and getting stronger!