Monday, May 27, 2013

Speed Press and GPP conditioning

Back on track. With Sara's competition complete time to get back on the program. It was nice having an  unscheduled rest period to past week, especially post peak. This next phase I will continue towards my press goal, pistol goal and pull-up but am adding in new elements. Today reflects some aspects of the new programming and the next number of weeks will certainly help clear the direction.

Speed Military Press
24/3 x 10 L
24/3 x 10 R

Did not have the 28kg at studio today but no problem cause speed is the name of the game and with the 24 it works just fine. Good strong pause, and really in the groove with the shove. Pleased with this
Time frame still the same, 30 seconds to work and rest, starting on the 12 & 6

Pull-up: chest to bar kip
10 x 4

Starting to incorporate/practice this. First and second set were the best, continious kip and about 15-17 sec sets. The last 2 sets were good, but lost rhythm on 7 and had to restart, never left bar just lost rhythm. I have a rather terrible kip, more like a frog. These are deceptive and I only allowed a 30 second rest between sets. Speed was the name of the game and conditioning/practice. I will add sets and may drop reps/set to allow volume to increase. I will play with rest but technique is crucial at this point and should take precedent.

Muscle up practice, rings
3 x 5

Well you got to start some place. From a lying back position, feet under shoulders for first 2 sets, then last 3 sets legs at 90 degree angle with upper body parallel to floor (more advanced). All in all good,more ally working transition as this is key. I can dip and pull-up with ease but transition is the tricky part as of now, this will change but I must practice.

Tabata superset of Handstand push up and toes 2 bar
8 reps of each for 4 rounds, 20 sec work, 10 sec rest, strict and no kipping. 

Tough but doable, need to add sets and get to 10 reps for 8 rounds of each. May have to kip the T2B as they otherwise are slower with such a long range of movement 

1000 meters in 4:10. Just building conditioning and starting slow.

Great overall day! Lots of good work and practice. I love the gymnastics and it works lats, tris, bis, shoulders, pecs and core, all of which will help with the press. 


Mark Reifkind said...

good work and way to adapt. yes the 24 will be fine, even without a band. focus especially on 'shoving' the weight from rack to lockout in ONE motion. That's the essence of speed work.

as far as learning the kipping pullup ( which I'm sure will work anyone hard) I would suggest to take the time element completely out of the practice until you have the technique.

Gymnasts NEVER time their workouts, EVER. First learn the move so it's instinctive and automatic THEN speed it up.You have to find the rhythm and the technique. Not easy.

Just like you are doing in the muscle ups :))

( although I would put them ahead of the kipping pullups in the order as they require more pure strength.
see you Sat.

Joe Sarti said...

Awesome ! Thank you for those recommendations. I will implement. Plan to break down moves with ring pull-up and ring dips to work elements of MU and practice transition in my next workout

As for kips, great the time piece kicked my ass :)

I am enjoying to process, no rush. Excited for,Saturday