Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Max Press, Weighted Pull-ups & More

This is the Heavy or Max Upper Body day. Continuing off the introduction last week of the Barbell Military Press, this week I practiced more. I added some new moves to the accessory work as well. Building off of the goal of becoming proficient at the muscle up, I need to make sure I keep the skill practice and elements in the program.

Barbell Military Press
175/1 x4

Felt heavy at 175 initially but I just need to find my body position. Far from my max on this move, feels good to work the groove. I powered through the sticking point, taking the 'shove' concept on the speed day and driving the bar. I am certain the addition of the dips/muscles ups will have a good carryover.

Weighted Pull-up, Dead hang tactical

lacked a little power here today. Need to keep up the volume on these. First sets were good, last set a struggle.

Ring Dips

Went deep, shoulder below top of ring mimicing the transition of the Muscle Up and practicing the drive while keeping the elbows in tight and externally rotating as I pressed out fo the dip. These were excellent and the depth requires a serious strength and focus

Muscle Up Transition
varied the body position and height of the rings as the reps progressed. Practiced singles at each height, hitting 3 at the final position. Not so concerned with rep count more so with technique and quality practice. I believe it was 10 reps total, possibly 12.

Toes 2 Bar (max reps for 1 set), kipping

Ran short on time so finished here.

30 Minutes Yoga Practice


Mark Reifkind said...

are you scaling for a kipping muscle up or a static one?

Joe Sarti said...

I would love to move to a static, the ultimate goal.