Monday, May 20, 2013

Speed Day

Well, since I missed my goal I suppose this is phase 2. In phase 1 I successfully accomplished getting back to the Beast Press and better than ever. I can comfortably hit singles on both sides. However, I failed to hit the 52kg or 115lb bell. So the program continues and the next wave builds. I am thinking of this more as a transition week. I need to get the red mini jump stretch band for Speed day so the order will be placed and this will be added into the next phase.

Speed Military Press
28/3 x 8 R
28/3 x 8 L

Today I focused on some lessons I learned from my failure. The first was to tighten up from start to finish including zipping up the midline, clinching the fist and glutes, crushing the bell and engaging the lats. Its intense creating this much tension but the bell flies up the path. Note, all reps done on the 12 and 6, aka 30 sec for work and rest

Pull-up, Tactical Dead Hang
3 x 12

Same timeframe, on the 12 and 6 so every 30 sec I have to move including the work and rest. Took a down week here since last week was peak week. I will add more volume moving forward.

32/3/3 x5

Again worked the rack, creating linkage throughout the body. This is the prep position for the press so best be strong here. Makes these much harder :-)

12 x 4

Just a good move to get stronger. worked some volume in terms of reps and less sets.

Handstand Pushups supersets with Toes 2 Bar Strict,
This was on the minute odds and evens
5,6,7,8,9,10 of each alternating every minute.

Love gymnastic moves and body mastery/control.

Overall keep moving, and the conditioning combined with technical aspects and speed make for a great dynamic conjugate upper body day.

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