Friday, December 01, 2006

Bodyweight Training

I have been ready an excellent book, The Warrior Elite, The forging of Class 228 all about Navy Seals in particular the BUDS portion. A motivating book for an aspiring athlete or just people in general. Just when you thought you were tough, particularly mentally read this book and see if your willing to go to this extreme and extreme it is. The funny thing is that I have a friend who made it through Wed of Hell Week before having to leave due to a major infection. He told me that it gets even more intense after the BUDS program as a true SEAL.

Nonetheless I just thought the body weight training would be a fun addition. So, I did my basics



Super set style with minimal rest. In addition, earlier in the day I did a set of 5 and 8 pull-ups as I passed my pull-up bar.

Nothing hard but just a nice balance to the bells and everything. I did not want to do too much since I have had 4 straight days of training and thought this would be a nice little workout and that it was.

Your body is an amazing tool, practice using it with no weights andif interested take a look on line at some of the different SEAL type workouts and the requirements.

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Franz Snideman said...

I like the new look Joe. Great!

How is your client doing with his back?