Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Snatches, Pull-ups and Pistols

New Program Day 2

Moderate Load Snatch
24/5/5x1 warm-up
24/8/8/5/5x5 (26 reps/set )

total of 150 for workload + 10 for warm-up = 160

The highest number in some time for total reps and for reps in a set. Felt good and pushed me a bit on the cardio and my hands survived even with a rip due to a blood blister from the Max VO2.

Pull-ups (weighted)

Must really crush the grip and pull my chin up and to the bar. Also, helps to tense the legs by pinching the weight and of course the abs


Sniff deep into the abs and tense hard, crush the bell, root the floor and stay tense and in control. key points for a good pistol!

great workout, feel fantastic across the board!

Cannot wait till Friday!


Franz Snideman said...

Like the program Joe! Love the pistols! Your tactical pull up/chin up advice is right on!

Joe said...

thank you Franz. Some practical advice I would think. I always think efficiency and shortest distance from point to point.

as always thank you for your input.

I want to add more flow stuff so per Ken I ordered Sonnens mobility DVD (the free one) but I am considering his mobility and Pransana Yoga DVD as well.