Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yes, the magic number means so much and in so many different ways. One is especially important in sport and each time I do any kind of sport I am reminded of the number one. For me it is less about finishing number where in sport often we think of being number 'One'. However, in this particular sense I am referring to the concept of taking it one step at a time or as Lao Tzu so perfectly states ' every journey of a 1000 miles begins with 1 step.'

I have been reflecting on the meaning of taking things one step at a time in each of my movement activities. This really has been apparent the last few weeks, especially with my mountain biking. See, when you are out of 'shape' for a particular movement you tend to notice all the effects it has on you. For me in regards to mountain biking I really feel the lungs and the leg burn. What I notice is how much more work it is compared to 'how it use to be'. I smile because it is what it is and when you stop doing something you are likely to lose some of the capabilities you 'use' to have.

So, to take it a step further I begun to think how important it is not to jump ahead of myself. By looking ahead or thinking 'this only gets tougher up ahead' your mind really starts to play tricks on yourself and what was already a challenge becomes even more difficult. Therefore, one step at a time or in this case one pedal stroke at a time. By tuning into each stroke and turning my focus into a push/pull on the pedals I move with greater ease, at least mentally and that is a majority of the battle, at least in my case.

The reality of this concept is that it applies across the board in everything we do. I know for a fact when lifting heavy it is one rep at a time and if I think ahead I forget what is current and thus expose myself to greater risks and forget to fully appreciate the moment.

The focus turns to One, One step, one day, one move, one action, one love, one planet, one world, one plain and simple is where it all starts and it all....well the rest is up to you

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