Sunday, June 01, 2008

Intuition and Courage and small story to boot

For the past couple years I have been going back and forth on whether I should sell or trade my truck for a more fuel efficient and greener vehicle. The main driving force behind this has been the rising cost of gas combined with my sheer amount of driving per year, approximately 25,000 + miles. That being said own a truck, a bigger truck at that and considering these variables it seemed logical. However, there is one big catch, I am terribly upside down in my truck, by thousands of dollars making it a bad decision in the first place and one I did not think through.

So, here I am now, having tried to sell my truck on craigslist, auto and truck trader and through word of mouth and not one bite. This has been going on for about 1 year. Also, I have went to a few dealers to analyze my trade in options which if you know anything about cars, this is not the sellers (i.e. Me) best option, in fact it is the worst. Up till this point I have come close to pulling the cord and making it happen but THINKING way to much and LISTENING to others I have held back, failing to listen to my intuition and failing to have the courage to trust my instincts and make the deal happen.

I am not unusual, often I observe people who have chosen not to listen to their intuition for their own reason(s) or who have chosen not to take the path least taken or most risky again for their own reasons.

As in The Tao and stated so perfectly by Dr. Dyer in Verse 13,

"Practice trusting your own inner nature. Every passionate thought that you have regarding how you want to conduct your life is evidence that you are in harmony with your own unique nature-your fervent belief is all you need. Respect your vision and trust your natural, passionate thoughts."

The Tao states the importance of an independent mind that does not seek the favor of others but instead trusts its own intuition because others opinions probably are not taking into account your true, eternal being. It is said that we should take others opinions with a grain of salt and as a personal philosophy with respect and gratitude. This is true whether the opinion is positive or negative, it does not matter since there is no attachment to outcome.

My mother works in the car business and has for 25 years and does not think it is a good idea because I am upside down. But, the way I see it is that this truck is an even worse investment with 90,000 miles, needing work done (tune-up, brakes), a of course the fact that it cost $110+ to fill-up which is at least 4 times/month, maybe 5. So, my independent mind, taking into account her advice and that of a few others feels the time is right and has been regardless. The cost to own the truck based on the numbers vs a new, fuel efficient vehicle is far better to own the new car.

Courage, the ability to trust your intuition, to take the riskier road, to make a tough decision, to follow through, etc. courage is a trait I believe is part of my make-up. I love to take CALCULATED RISKS, which I believe to be a marker of courage and do it. I have done this numerous times in my life and this is no exception. Therefore I must trust my intuition and have the courage to make the deal happen.

This is no different than preparing yourself to lift a heavy weight and have the courage to get on the stage, in front of onlookers and attempt a PR. Some of you have done this and it is exhilarating to take such a personal challenge and listen to the strength of your intuition due to your preparation and thus knowing by calculated risk that you can do it. Having the courage to do it is then a great example of trusting your intuition and of your character.

I got a new car!

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Congrats on the new wheels!