Friday, June 20, 2008

The Shift

At some point in life you will experience a shift. These shifts can come in a number of areas or ways such as a shift in relation to yourself, your partner, you work, you life's passion, etc. Often times we create the shift and sometimes they happen without us even knowing, an unconsciousness.

For me I have been experience many minor shifts as I like to say. All of these are for the better of my being and all of which either way I have embraced and continue do so with great gratitude. The truly amazing part is seeing them all come together on a much deeper and transformative level/experience. It seems since about April of 2005, when I attended the RKC I have truly taken one if not many steps on my level of conscious awareness. One by one amazing things have and continue to come my way and they seem to center around my awareness, my being AWAKE and finding peace, gratitude and love for myself and all that surrounds and makes up this world.

So, here I am feeling my role out, what I am here to do, what legacy I am to stamp this world with. I can say this, that picture is not yet complete because any masterpiece (I would imagine or at least in my experience) takes a great deal of time, patience, effort, and feeling. It seems as time goes by it becomes clearer but I feel that I am taking more time with each stroke and truly finding enjoyment, finding freedom and finding that I am more awake than ever. However, I still love my coffee, caffeinated that is and I have my 2 cups a day :-).

As I embark on each day and I reflect as well as embrace the past, present and future I am truly enthused about this new radio show. In the past weeks I have begun to reach out to prospective people, experts in the fields of holistic health and wellness and to my surprise I have found that all have been more than willing to come and share their philosophies with the audience and me. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude and appreciation towards all these folks, many of whom are well known and quite in demand. I am so excited for the audience to have the opportunity to listen, and contribute via questions to these people.

I am aware that this show is truly a forum for people to learn, become informed, share and express wonderful and expert knowledge and wisdom. This show is such a great opportunity for myself to bring together people and strengthen the community of the world.

Who knew, who knows where exactly we will be, or what we will be or be doing at any given moment in the future? We have ideas, thoughts, feelings, opinions, desires, etc. but sometimes the path shifts when you least expect and all the sudden you are on another amazing road. For this reason I am training daily my mental, spiritual, emotion and physical being to be open to whatever comes my direction.

I hope you join me on this ride. If you do keep your eyes open, mind free, heart full of love, soul filled with peace and have a great time, because it sure is fun and exciting


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