Monday, June 23, 2008


Yep, that is the goal, to train and compete in a marathon. The Specific race I have in mind in the 2009 Rock n' Roll Marathon in SAn Diego on May 31st. I have always had the interest in doing a race of this length so what better time than the present. By giving myself 11+ months of training time I am sure to have ample time to prep my body and mind to perform at a healthy and respectable level.

I am excited to have a plan and program in place. I have enjoyed playing around and will continue to do so but with a goal of completing and competing in this marathon.

The plan
*Run 3 days a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Following Jeff Galloways marathon program.

*Kettlebell: 3 days a week focusing on Clean, Squat, Press, Snatch and Swings. This will be interesting because I have to recover properly and plan accordingly. I want to use the bell purely for strength and conditioning.

*Yoga: 6 days a week, at least 30 minutes and more likely an hour including meditation.

*Run other races for training and practice (i.e San Jose Half in October)

The Goals:
*Learn and share my process. The plan may change depending on how I am recovering and performing but I my believe is that I can comfortably handle this approach and methodology.

*Run and finish in 3 hours and 44 minutes (this would qualify me for Boston under current rules). I have yet to determine some factors that will contribute to this but if I can run 8:30 over 26.2 miles I will do it. Having a plan and program such as this one combined with the prep time I feel this is reasonable.

*Have a great level of fitness so next summer (2009) I can possible get back on the adventure racing circuit, solo or possibly with a team. This was such a wonderful experience that I would like to continue to have fun and compete in these races...


Jo said...

hey! I'm slated to run the san jose half in october. If I'm fit enough to do it, we might bump into each other!

Joe Sarti said...

sounds awesome, I will look forward to that. We can celebrate together at the finish :-)

Carl Sipes said...

Good luck with the training! My feet still hurt from the 1/2 marathon we ran 5 years ago. Probably not cause I neglected to train for it or anything like that.

Denis Kanygin said...