Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yoga 30 minutes morning + 30 evening and Foam Roller for 15 minutes

2 hand swing
48kg/10x5...all about the Hip SNAP, linking and syncing

48kg/2/2x4...a first with this bell and whoo, what a difference. I like it! ;-)

Mountain Bike
Monte Bello Trail in Palo Alto
3.6 miles and 33 minutes of hard riding with some good pitch and decent interval climbs. Riding my bike I could feel every bump, rut, rock, etc. I sure miss the big downhill bike and that Cadillac suspension.

Bench PRess

Pull-ups (superset with Bench, always with my tactical grip on traditional pull-ups)

45 minutes of home practice and with a good meditation session (as always I include meditation in my daily routine).

Mountain Bike Ride: Almaden Quicksilver
31 minutes of straight climbing right at the start which was great. I felt a really physical breakthrough today. The initial climb was a pretty consistent gradient which allowed for a nice cadence. Found an awesome single track downhill, with some fast, whippy turns and a some hairy sections (almost went down :-)). Finished real strong with a bit more climbing and a fast decent for a total of 62 minutes of some beautiful riding and complete freedom..awesome!

*Yoga is a part of my essence.
**The mountain biking is just pure freedom and enjoyment and I love riding.
***The bells are in my blood and I love my basics, press, snatch, swing and jerks.
****The lifting (such as bench) are enjoyable as a part of my routine every once in a while, when I have no specific goal like the TSC or any other event.

***I have something up my sleeve though and I will releasing specifics soon, it will be a first and should be a great lesson learned or two ;-)

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